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We bring innovation ideas into metaverse, reality, design

Metabuzz design the virtual world of the brand, connect reality and the virtual space.
Metabuzz consists of careers in each field, such as planning, marketing, design, development, and games. Through various experiences, we are continuously developing. We believes that successful advertising is the result of great teamwork.
Metabuzz is a group of creators. We understand that an environment and culture where people work and have fun leads to perfect results. We enjoy our work.

Our Services

Metabuzz designs the virtual space of the Metaverse platform and provides marketing services optimized for brands.
It is composed of planning/development/design professionals which is necessary for marketing and provides One-Stop Service.


The metaverse virtual world's branding should be distinct. It delivers a unique perspective on the world and is the most effective technique to promote a brand in a virtual world.

3D Design

The virtual world of the metaverse is a three-dimensional space. Using 3D technologies such as Blender, SketchUp, Maya, Rhino, and Fusion360, intuitively construct your brand's virtual universe.

Game Development

The virtual world of the metaverse should be enjoyable. Through Unity engine-based game creation, we generate a virtual world that help clients consume branded material more effectively.


We suggest marketing strategies such as account management, events, and viral postings to increase brand content consumption in Metaverse.


To enhance traffic by activating Metaverse brand channels. We introduce the brand contents to more visitors by using banners and sponsored posting advertisements in the virtual world.


We organize exhibits and events under the metaverse brand. We supports brand events as virtual avatars in roles that are appropriate for the circumstance.


01. ZEPETO World Map Planning/Building
We plan a differentiated virtual space based on the brand worldview. We build high-quality ZEPETO worlds through Build It, 3D design, and Unity development.
02. ZEPETO Item Planning/Design
We plan and design 3D items. We design Zepeto items through 3D scanning and grasp ZEPETO trends and operate an item shop.
03. World & Item Promotion and Event Operation
Promote the brand world and items to users. Increase the number of world visitors and item sales through promotional video production, influencer posting, and event advertisement.


01. Developing a Brand Strategy

We create games that mirror the brand's philosophy. Its purpose is to communicate the brand message through the game.

02. Theme Park Design in 3D

We create an appealing virtual environment that reflects the brand's perspective and identity.

03. Brand Item Manufacturing

We create Roblox-exclusive things that reflect our brand. We encourage the use of Roblox to generate income through item sales.

04. Developing a Brand Game

Using the Roblox Studio Platform and Lua scripts, create action and activity game features based on project designed.

What People Say?

With the Metabuzz, we were able to build a ZEPETO world, which fits the sensibilities of the MZ generation. Thank you!


While comtemplating of creating a ZEPETO world, we found the Metabuzz. To work with the Metabuzz was so successful. Also, we are remain the 1,000 daily visitors in our world, we are using our ZEPETO world as a new communication channel with the MZ generation. Thank you, Metabuzz.

— GSRetail Manager Ahn Jaeo

We had a plan to promote oue new concept of metaverse brand marketing. With the Metabuzz, we were able to get successful results. The Metabuzz still continues to provide insights for marketing.

— HanaCapital Assistant Section Manager Choi Bogeun

When the Metabuzz offer the metaverse platform to us, it was greatful to start metaverse world. Thank you for your idea, wonderful design, and great work. I wish Metabuzz good luck.

— COEX Aquarium CEO Yu Dukjong

I had no idea when I start metaverse, Despite of the Metabuzz, we were able to create our virtual world same as real place. Also, we finished our event successfully.

— Nestand Cho Areum

Offline events have stopped due to the Coronavirus. With the assistance of the Metabuzz company, the offline event was even more successful.

— Gangwon International Triennale

The first time when we started developing metaverse marketing, it wasn't easy. However, with the support of the 'Metabuzz' company, we launched an incredible virtual world. Also, the offline event with Zepeto world was so successful.

— KRX (Korea Exchange)

We had no idea how to launch the virtual world. After connecting with the Metabuzz, We were able to build a high-quality virtual world. In addition, we are effectively promoting various businesses using the virtual world.

— Katri Size Korea Center
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