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REALITY Virtual World Marketing

Introduce your brand through various contents in the REALITY platform.


1. World Map Planning/Building

We plan stories suitable for brands and incorporate them into the virtual world.
REALITY induces users to communicate through virtual space, also users naturally recognize the brand.

Virtual world in REALITY
REALITY offers the virtual space which is customized for brand story. REALITY users can livestream their own content in the virtual space (REALITY Virtual world), spreading brand awareness to a wider audience in a unique and natural way.

Dip Your Toes With Just a Simple Ad Buy
Advertise your brand on our busiest worlds, create your own brand world from scratch, use event spaces to showcase your brand's latest line, or even host a fan meet and greet—with REALITY the jump into metaverse-based advertising won't break the bank, and you can get started super fast.
2. 3D Item Planning/Design

We design the 3D items (clothes, accessories, gifts) in the REALITY Item shop.
Expose the brand image effectively by identifying and planning trends unique to REALITY.

Build Community With REALITY Avatar Items
Imprint your brand by producing avatar items users can show off in REALITY (Clothes, accessories, stream gifts).

Live streaming in REALITY
Through live streaming, the brand item is exposed to the user's followers and the publicity effect is further maximized through the structure of re-spreading.
3. Furthermore Contents

By promoting it to users through the REALITY platform and providing a variety of content spaces, it effectively exposes the brand image.

Let Brand-Official Streamers Evangelize Your Brand
With streams hosted by Brand-Official Streamers you can open up a direct line of communication with our users. You can also request to sponsor streams from our most popular streamers.

Ranking Events, Watch Parties, and More
You can also request to sponsor branded rewards for our ranking events where REALITY streamers compete for the highest score. We also have content watch parties and all sorts of events and features where you can market your brand.



Frequently asked questions

What is the production cost, and how long does it take?
The exact production cost will calculate based on the construction plan, and the price will change according to the size of the world map and the number of objects. The production period takes an average of 2-4 months, depending on the level of difficulty.
What information do I need when ordering a build?
We will plan the world creating through communication with a representative. When building a virtual space with the same shape as the actual building, we request the exterior image of the building and the interior illustration for the design. It is the most efficient to tell the person in charge of space construction, budget, and reference examples.
What is the construction process?
If you apply for a consultation, you will contact within one business day after the person in charge is assigned. We send out a plan and a quotation after consultation, and construction work carries out after the contract is prepared.
After the world or item is created, will you advertise it as well?
Since REALITY World is an extremely high-profile measures among REALITY users, it is possible to encourage more than 1 million visitors to visit the world with just an announcement within REALITY. In addition, we will propose additional marketing measures when the world opens to the public, customized to the characteristics of your brand.
To what extent can games be developed?
Although we can develop almost any type of game, some require a very long preparation time. If you have a game in mind, please contact us individually to discuss your project, as it will require a different review and estimation process than the World.
Can we put the video or image in the world?
Any image or video of the type commonly handled on websites can be displayed in the world.

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