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ROBLOX Marketing

Roblox is an infinite and diverse virtual universe.
Promote your brand on Roblox, the global metaverse gaming platform.


1. Game Map Planning/Building

We develop virtual spaces and games based on the brand worldview.
We plan/develop differentiated experiential games that can effectively convey brand messages.

Planning the Brand Story and Worldview
We build a branded game story and worldview for users on the virtual universe Roblox platform. It’s imperative to provide an engaging story that will allow users to expose your brand while enjoying the game naturally.
(Example: Vans World Skate Park, etc.)

Developing a Brand Game
Develop brand games using Roblox Studios and luaScript. All types of games can be developed, and elements and designs that reflect brand identity are designed and provided to users.
(Example: the Hyundai Motor Racing game.)
2. 3D Item Planning & Design

We plan/design 3D items in the Roblox Item Shop.
We design items through 3D scanning and identify Roblox trends and run an item shop.

Creating 3D Customized Items
We develop items optimized for Roblox through 3D design tools. We produce items through actual or virtual design and reflect brand identity.

Running Shop and Selling Items (ROBUX)
We sell branded items with Robux(Cash in Roblox). You could promote your brand/event by providing free items or make income by selling paid items.
(예시 : Gucci garden Item)



Frequently asked questions

What is the production cost, and how long does it take?
The exact production cost will calculate based on the construction plan, and the price will change according to the size of the world map and the number of objects. The production period takes an average of 2-4 months, depending on the level of difficulty.
What information do I need when ordering a build?
We will plan the world creating through communication with a representative. When building a virtual space with the same shape as the actual building, we request the exterior image of the building and the interior illustration for the design. It is the most efficient to tell the person in charge of space construction, budget, and reference examples.
What is the construction process?
If you apply for a consultation, you will contact within one business day after the person in charge is assigned. We send out a plan and a quotation after consultation, and construction work carries out after the contract is prepared.
After the world or item is created, will you advertise it as well?
We propose a promotional marketing package together with the construction process. We increase the number of visitors to ROBLOX World and purchase items through marketing plans such as ROBLOX brand account operation, sponsored posts by influencers, promotional video production, and social media viral marketing.
To what extent can games be developed?
Roblox is available to create any game that you've played on a mobile device. Role-playing, action, and racing games are among the games we make with brand messages in mind.
Could we put the video or image in the world?
Image insertion is possible, but video insertion can't. However, continuous images can be used to make it look like a GIF animation.


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