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YAHAHA Virtual World Marketing

In YAHAHA, you can experience amazing 3D games created by creators around the world,
and you can become a 3D creator who can easily create games or 3D content in the form of drag & drop without coding using more than 1 million free assets in YAHAHA Studio.


1. World Map Planning/Building
You can plan a YAHAHA virtual space that can clearly reflect the brand identity.

YAHAHA Studio has over 50 free templates and 1 million assets to build your world. Produce and provide higher quality 3D worlds by efficiently utilizing the features of YAHAHA Studio without coding.

3D Unity
Utilizing Unity, the game engine, to provide better quality graphics, developing various game action games and implementing separate objects (brand customization) is possible.
2. 3D Item Planning/Design
We plan/design 3D items that YAHAHA avatars can wear.
It is possible to promote the brand more effectively by incorporating the brand's representative image and slogan into YAHAHA items.

Setting your own avatar
By using the character of each avatar, it is possible to set each user individually, communicate with various users through the set personal customized avatar, and form a community.

3D custom item production
Customize various types of items using 3D tools. We provide high-quality items by producing representative characters or brand items that are commonly used in the brand world view.
3. Virtual World & Item Marketing
Utilizing YAHAHA's own communication channel, we support brand-level communication with actual users and promote the world and items to users.

Set up a chat room
Utilize the platform's community to promote the built brand world and items, and use it as a window to raise awareness.

YAHAHA Creator Posting AD
Use the top creator profile status message within the YAHAHA platform to promote the created brand space and secure YAHAHA user visitors.



Frequently asked questions

What is the production cost, and how long does it take?
The exact production cost can be calculated based on the contents of the construction plan, and the price is calculated according to the size of the world map and the number of objects. The production period takes an average of 2-4 months depending on the level of difficulty.
What information do I need when ordering a build? Do I need to send you a drawing of the building, etc.?
We will plan the world creating through communication with a representative. When building a virtual space with the same shape as the actual building, we request the exterior image of the building and the interior illustration for the design. It is the most efficient to tell the person in charge of space construction, budget, and reference examples.
What is the construction process?
If you apply for a consultation, you will contact within one business day after the person in charge is assigned. We send out a plan and a quotation after consultation, and construction work carries out after the contract is prepared.
After the world or item is created, will you advertise it as well?
We are proposing a promotional marketing package together during the construction process. Increase the number of Yahaha Map visitors through marketing plans such as influencer-sponsored postings, promotional video production, and social media viral marketing.
To what extent can games be developed?
All types of game development that you have experienced in mobile games are possible. We develop games optimized for brand messages such as role-playing, action, and racing games.
Can we put the video or image in the world?
Any image or YouTube video can be displayed in the world.

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