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ZEPETO Marketing

Promote your brand on ZEPETO, a global metaverse platform with 200 million users worldwide.


1. World Map Planning/Building
We plan a differentiated virtual space based on the brand worldview.
We build high-quality ZEPETO worlds through Build It, 3D design, and Unity development.

Build It (Basic)
Build It (Basic)The world creates with ZEPETO's 'Build It' tool. To get the best results, use the basic objects offered by 'Build It'. Complex game features and intricate objects are tough to portray. However, the low production time is its strength.
(Example : KRX, Size Korea etc.)

3D Unity (Premium)
Create environments with 3D modeling and Unity programming. It is possible to include game action features (zombie games, racing games, etc.) and elaborate item designs (cars, design buildings, etc.). It also results in a high-quality, customizable environment.
(Example : Zepeto's Official Map Lotte World, Ralph Lauren etc.)
2. 3D Item Planning/Design
We plan/design 3D items that ZEPETO Avatar would wear.
We design items through 3D scanning and grasp ZEPETO trends and operate an item shop.

Item with Basic Templates (Basic)
Create items by adding graphics to the primary item templates provided by ZEPETO. It is suitable for making simple items with logos, such as simple T-shirts, pants, and sneakers.

Item with 3D Customizing (Premium)
Customize various types of items through 3D design tools. It is suitable for a new kind of character item or item design that needs to utilize the details of a fashion brand.
(Example: Gucci, Ralph Lauren items, etc.)
3. Virtual World & Item Marketing
Promote the brand world and items to users. Increase the number of world visitors and
item sales through promotional video production, influencer posting, and event advertisement.

Create & Upload Virtual Avatars
On ZEPETO SNS, we create avatars that fit the brand's viewpoint, create content, and submit feeds. Brand awareness among Metaverse users.

ZEPETO Influencers Posting AD
Promote brand maps and items through ZEPETO influencers. The feed produced according to the promotion guidelines is uploaded to the ZEPETO influencer SNS and exposed to the followers.
(Affiliated with about 2,000 domestic and international creators)



Frequently asked questions

What is the production cost, and how long does it take?
The exact production cost will calculate based on the construction plan, and the price would be different according to the size of the world map and the number of objects. The production period takes 3-4 weeks for 'Build It' and an average of 2 months for Unity development. After the world construction is complete, it takes two weeks for the separate ZEPETO inspection period.
What information do I need when ordering a build? Do I need to send you a drawing of the building, etc.?
Planning work carries out through communication with the assigned person in charge. When building a virtual space with the same shape as the actual building, we request the exterior image of the building and the interior illustration for the design. It is the most efficient to tell the person in charge of space construction, budget, and reference examples.
What is the construction process?
If you apply for a consultation, you will contact within one business day after the person in charge is assigned. We send out a plan and a quotation after consultation, and construction work carries out after the contract is prepared.
After the world or item is created, will you advertise it as well?
We propose a promotional marketing package together with the construction process. We increase the number of visitors to ZEPETO World and purchase items through marketing plans such as ZEPETO brand account operation, sponsored posts by influencers, promotional video production, and social media viral marketing.
We create the world ourselves. Could we promote the world or make items?
Yes, you can! We have a large number of cases that ask us to promote only the marketing part. However, if they construct the world with marketing, they could get advantages of marketing package with extra discount.
Could we put the video or image in the world?
There are two types of the construction world. If you open the world with ‘Build It’, 20 pieces of the image are available; however, the video is unfortunately unavailable. With 3D unity construction, there is no limit to image and video.


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