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Gather,ZEP,2ndblock Marketing

Metabuzz establishes a differentiated metaverse space that reflects the requirements of institutions/companies/brands.


1. Gather Town/ ZEP/ Second Block

Metabuzz builds the institutions/ brand’s space by used metaverse platform based on online meeting.

Design & planning of Gather Town space
Gather Town is a global platform optimized for work, education, and seminars through video. It is specializes in corporate/brand events, education, and work. It is also suitable for corporate seminars, conferences, public relations, and events with diverse and stable content.

Design & planning of ZEP/ Second Block
ZEP/Second Block is a Korean metaverse platform that provides functions and UI similar to Gather Town. It is a new platform with a rapidly increasing number of users centering on a language pack optimized for Korean use and a friendly UI.
2. Design space

Metabuzz designs spacious spaces through illustration skills.

Design by using basic objects and templates
Metabuzz designs a space based on 2D by utilizing the basic objects and templates from the platform. The map planning and construction period are fast and easy for maintenance. It is suitable for clients and small gatherings that require continuous operation management.

2.5D/ 3D custom design
The isometric technique is used to create a 3D sense of space. It is possible to express space differentiated from the existing 2D, and it is being widely used in promotional events for companies/brands.
3. Interaction & Gamification

By utilizing various functions and contents provided by the metaverse platform,
activate the virtual space of companies/brands through interactivity and gamification elements.

Interaction: meeting & conference
It provides space suitable for corporate meetings, conferences, and education by utilizing various objects such as free video chatting, whiteboard, TV, video linkage, and website linkage.

Gamification: OX Quiz/ Puzzle game/ Treasure hunt
The message of the company/brand is delivered in a fun and enjoyable way through gamification planning.



Frequently asked questions

What is the production cost, and how long does it take?
The exact production cost can be calculated based on the construction plan, and the price is calculated according to the size of the world map and the number of rooms. The production period takes an average of 4-8 weeks, and when the development is completed, it can be used immediately without a separate examination procedure.
What information do I need when ordering a build? Should I have to send you the building drawings?
We will plan the world creating through communication with a representative. When building a virtual space with the same shape as the actual building, we request the exterior image of the building and the interior illustration for the design. It is the most efficient to tell the person in charge of space construction, budget, and reference examples.
What is the construction process?
If you apply for a consultation, you will contact within one business day after the person in charge is assigned. We send out a plan and a quotation after consultation, and construction work carries out after the contract is prepared.
Can we enter the world in a mobile environment?
It is possible. All web-driven devices are allowed to enter tap and mobile environments. However, GatherTown is currently being updated, and ZEP may have different operating methods for each device.
Can it be realized in 3D instead of 2D?
Gathertown and ZEP cannot designed 3D due to the nature of the program, but 2.5D is possible. It uses isometric techniques to create realistic and immersive through three-dimensional map design.
Could we add the content which is our brand video or image in the metaverse environment?
In the case of Gathertown, there is no limit to the number of images and video links inserted, but it looks like a link, the avatar must go close and activate to watch. ZEP can play videos on the world or watch them together through avatar sharing within the world. Each platforms can insert slightly different types of content.
Is there a limit to the number of people for each platform?
ZEP has no limit on the number of people in the world, and Second Block can accommodate up to 1,000 people. Gether Town can accommodate up to 500 people.
Is there any extra charge for operation fee except map production?
There is no extra charge for ZEP and Second Block. But gathertown have a additional billing factor for each person from 25 or more people in the world.


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